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Elevating the collective;
ʻĀina - Community - Culture

Reconnecting kānaka to ʻāina

Kahaluʻu Kūāhewa is one of Konaʻs largest intact traditional agricultural field systems preserved within a 354-acre area owned by Bishop Estate-Kamehameha Schools. Within the past 20 years, archaeological survey has documented at least 3,500 features, of which 98.7% are considered traditional agricultural features. In 2015, we began working to revitalize and restore this traditional system, which is now overtaken by invasive species, such as strawberry guava and Christmas berry. We have fenced in 16-acres of this vast system and have so far cleared five acres, restoring it to serve its initial intention and purpose. We aim to support and enhance the biocultural resources of the forest and agricultural lands within the ma uka region of the ahupuaa of Kahaluu, to protect and revitalize the natural and cultural resources that enable traditional and customary Native Hawaiian practices, and to engage the greater Kona community through educational outreach programs and initiatives relating to a traditional regenerative agroforestry model of farming and community-based stewardship of natural resources.




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