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"Nānā i ke kumu"

"Look to the source"

Kahaluʻu Kūāhewa FAQ

Indigenous agriculture has strong potential to contribute to food needs under climate change
By: Natalie Kurashima

Reconnecting Kūāhewa with Kuaʻāina: Toward the Establishment of an ʻĀina-based Education Program Kahaluʻu, Mauka, Kona, Hawaiʻi
By: William Lee

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Comprehensive database consisting of varied collections of data pertaining to historically and culturally significant places, events, and documents in Hawai’i’s history.

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Hawaiian Electronic Library - Compilation of resources included puke, nūpepa, atikala, and mele.

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Kaniʻāina, “Voices of the Land,” is an educational resource focusing on Native Hawaiian speech aimed at documentation and preservation of Hawaiian.

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A blog translating different newspaper articles.

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