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"Haʻule ka ua i Puʻu o Kāloa, ʻihea ʻoe?"

"Where were you when the rain fell on Puʻu o Kāloa?"

ʻĀina Restoration

Ka ʻUmeke ʻAi is the name we have chosen for our restoration initiative. Since 2015, restoring Kahaluʻu Kūāhewa to itʻs initial intentions have been our biggest kuleana. Our mission is to create a space for kānaka in our community to reconnect to ʻāina and offer the opportunity to learn traditional Hawaiian knowledge and practices, with hopes to eventually restore/normalize traditional ʻai. 

 ʻĀina Education

Ma Hope Ka Muʻu is the name or our ʻāina education initiative, first established in 2017. The term Ma Hope Ka Muʻu is specific to Kona, referencing after the kalo grows, the muʻu (a.k.a. ʻohā) provides as/for the next generation. This initiative engages our community, from preschool thru collegiate and kūpuna.



Kahaluʻu Kūāhewa welcomes volunteers from keiki to kūpuna who have the ʻiʻini to huli ka lima I lalo a mālama ʻāina. We offer volunteer ʻohana work days for ʻohana and small hui, as well as community work days every month. 

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