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Ma Hope Ka Muʻu is the name of our ʻāina education (place-based education) initiative,  first established in 2017. The term Ma Hope Ka Muʻu is specific to Kona, referencing after the kalo grows, the muʻu (ʻohā) provides as/for the next generation. With this initiative, we continue to strive in restoring the function of this ʻāina maloʻo as a wahi kūpuna by providing a space and opportunity within our community to learn our traditional Hawaiian knowledge and practices, support the efforts to influence more local food productions, and maintain unique biodiversity within our island systems. 

This initiative engages our community, from preschool thru collegiate and kūpuna, and every site visit may be tailored to specific manaʻo o ka lā or specific teaching for the day. Each group activities are also tailored to appropriate age group. Through these experiences, we also hope to emphasize the growing need for upcoming leaders of the amazing this kuleana is one of many avenues to explore in within this field work.

We believe that ʻāina is foundational in establishing a reciprocal pilina (relationship) and sense of place for kānaka. This sets the precedent for further connection and awakens the ʻiʻini (desire) and kuleana (responsibility) within our community. In learning and experiencing our values and concepts of aloha and mālama ʻāina, wahi kūpuna, and laulima, we aim to build that strong pilina and resilience within our community, as well as establish food sovereignty with the guiding manaʻo of ka ʻumeke ʻai, our ʻāina as a container holding our food. 

E nā kumu, hui, and organizations!

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